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release me [29 Jun 2004|03:30pm]

[ mood | nervous ]

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[16 Nov 2003|01:44pm]


musical interests: pop, alternative, electronica, rock
recent shows attended: none
favorite bands: linkin park
favorite album: fumbling towards ecstacy, mad season, a bunch of others (not the name of it)
name: cris
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[23 Oct 2003|03:04pm]

Hi, my name is Jesse/Chris. Uh huh. I like loud music with some melodic carnage. For instance... From Autumn to Ashes, Every Time I Die, The Beautiful Mistake, Coheed& Cambria, One True Thing, Deadpoetic, Hopesfall, 36 Crazyfists, the Blood Brothers, Cursive, Not Quite Bernadette, From First to Last, to name a few. Sometimes I like to sneak a lil' oldies in my juke. Queen, Elvis, and the Doors. OH and of course some Fifty Cent.
... and on to the pictures. I'm okay looking.

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--->NEW<--- [23 Oct 2003|10:53pm]

[ mood | happy ]


BASIC: My name is Laura, I'm Belgian and I'm crap at Latin. People tell me I look like Kelly Osbourne.

MUSIC: My favourite band of all times would be The Presidents of the United States of America, all of their albums being masterpieces (with the possible exception of "Pure Frosting"). Other bands I like include Marcy Playground, Hot Hot Heat, Verbena, the Stone Roses, Sugarcult, Laïs , Anouk, the Strokes, the Pixies, Candysuck, Jane's Addiction, the Darkness, Weezer, the Smoking Popes and... Duke Ellington :)

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If you need more photos, you can go and take a peek at my Photo journal.
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[18 Sep 2003|10:49pm]
you are invited to submit your pictures at beauty_elite

trying it out...yes. [18 Aug 2003|01:04am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

i'm new.

amie. 18. maryland

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favorite bands...all timethe ataris, the eagles. off and on everytime i die, dashboard, hopesfall, senses fail, finch, anatomy of a ghost, death cab, blood brothers, hot hot heat, atreyu, dead to fall, a static lullaby, taking back sunday, saves the day, thursday, alli with an i, etc etc.

recent shows...the fucking show that owns your mother -- hellfest2k3....hopesfall.....everytime i die/thursday...finch [tomorrow]....local shit.

best album...that's so hard...there's so many choices. saves the day -- through being cool...jimmy buffet -- songs you know by heart [i'm not joking]...the eagles -- greatest hits...everytime i die -- hot damn!

best musician...jimi hendrix or one of those sorts...

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[14 Aug 2003|04:41pm]

Name: Kinsey
Age: 15, almost 16
Location: Richmond, VA
<3<3<3 Built to Spill, Beulah, Spoon, Belle and SEbastian, The Postal Service, Cornershop, Ted Leo and the Rx, The Flaming Lips, Jump Little Children, Ben Folds, Fiona Apple, Sigur Ros, Radiohead, Modest Mouse, Death Cab for Cutie, Thursday, The Juliana Theory, The Pixies, The Pietasters, Reel Big Fish, The Skatalites, Save Ferris...

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[14 Aug 2003|02:06pm]

join drop_dead

think you have what it takes?
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[22 Jul 2003|01:54am]

hi i am cassandra. i am from seattle...

some bands i like include... +minus the bear +the blood brothers +the chromatics +the red light sting +death cab for cutie +cursive +holy molar +the moving units +the get hustle +numbers +glass candy and the shattered theater +the locust +the gossip +pretty girls make graves +les savy fav +less than jake +bright eyes +botch +murder city devils +coheed and cambria +shoplifting +helio sequence +the anniversary
the most recent shows i attended were: the capitol hill block party, the red light sting, and rx bandits.
fave album... minus the bear "highly refined pirates"
fave musician of all time.... bob dylan... or tim kasher.
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[20 Jul 2003|10:43pm]

so think youre hot..

maybe you are..maybe youre not..

join us and find out,


[11 Jul 2003|10:32pm]

[ mood | horny ]

Name: KIZelly
Recent Shows: Dead Vice Prez, Evergreen Terrace, The Movielife, and some local shizz
Favorite Bands: DVP, Mos Def & Talib Kweli, Sting and the Police, The Cure, Guns and Roses annnnnnd Frank Sinatra
Favorite Album: The Best of Will Smith (I am not joking here. This album guarantees getting laid every night.)

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[09 Jul 2003|04:08pm]


hey, im jill.
recent shows-well iv been to many! and they have all been great, but the 'recent' ones were The Misfits 25 anniversery tour with Marky Ramone and Dez from Black Flag
i also just saw *a week or so ago* Pearl Jam. if you want to know more, just ask:)

favorite bands-the cure*saw them live*, depeche mode*saw them too*, nirvana, the misfits, alice in chains, new york dolls, the clash, sexpistols *seeing them soon:)*
joydivision, pearl jam, forgotten rebels, ledzeppelin (saw page and plant-first concert, the ramones, soundgarden, the cult, pixies, jesus and marychain, sonic youth ect...

favorite albums-the cure~disintegration, alice in chains~dirt (sorry i have two).

best musician ever-this is a tough one cause in my opinion there are so many, and you will always find one better then the other, but right now i would say jimmy page from ledzeppelin.

alright, thats it:)
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[07 Jul 2003|01:44pm]

reminder to new applicants: please use an lj-cut.

go here to learn the lj basics:
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[02 Jul 2003|06:14pm]

[ mood | hot ]

ok this time i checked to see if my photo thing was expired, and it shouldn't be.

These photos are hot and fresh off the grill of today. try not to make fun, but if it's too good to resist, indulge yourself.

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[01 Jul 2003|10:01pm]
i have a new livejournal. end_serenading

it will be friends only!@%#

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[30 Jun 2003|07:18am]

[ mood | flirty ]

i am delicious

Name = Jojo

Recent Shows = Poison, Beck, Zwan

Favorites = Nina Gordon, The Dillinger Escape Plan, Vanessa Mae, Selena Cross, Mr. Bungle, Fantomas, LoveStarDeluxe, Psy, Zwan, Lisa Loeb, Poe, Dope, Jack Off Jill, Rufio, Snot, Bjork, DJ Mystik, S.E.S, Suzuki Ami, Skinny Puppy, Tech N9ne, Pyogenesis, Shell Shock, Nile...

THE Favorite = The Smashing Pumpkins

Best Album = "Adore" by The Smashing Pumpkins

Best Musician = Billy Corgan
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[29 Jun 2003|01:25pm]

music: built to spill, ben kweller, dandy warhols, wilco, brand new, the beatles, glassjaw, taking back sunday, tlc, piebald, reggie & the full effect, cursive, azure ray & blah blah blah
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What I Would Do To Have Just One Kiss [29 Jun 2003|12:35pm]

[ mood | scared ]

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[28 Jun 2003|08:21am]

[ mood | recumbent ]

name: fabio
music: i listen to a lot of hardcore and punk and a little indie. such as: dropdead, curlupanddie, the jam, sham 69, the germs, avail, saetia, black flag, circle jerks, the adicts, fugazi, poison the well, from autumn to ashes, bright eyes, blood brothers, oi polloi, minor threat, shai hulud, throwdown, hatebreed, converge, bane, cursive, black paper diary, 18v, oi scouts, crass, clash, sex pistols, etc.
shows: too fucking many. most recent was cursive.
and if youre bored: try egocentrics
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HUCHA! [28 Jun 2003|01:36am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

bonjour everyone i'm new so check me out!

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